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Who We Are

Dear Senja champions mental well-being in Indonesia, proactively providing accessible information and support systems to empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds to thrive.

We are a Steadfast Pillar for Mental Wellness in Indonesia

For years, Dear Senja has served as a cornerstone of mental health support in Indonesia. Our unwavering focus lies in empowering individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. We recognize the immense responsibility entrusted to us and continuously strive to deliver impactful solutions.

Our services transcend geographical boundaries. While headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, we offer comprehensive support accessible online across the nation. 

We are happy to help people who need resources, support system, peer buddies, consultation, etc.

Our Approach

Fostering a Culture of Mental Wellness

We are working across three strategic priorities:

  1. Empowering Knowledge and Open Dialogue: We cultivate safe learning spaces, fostering greater mental health literacy and encouraging open communication about mental health concerns. This empowers individuals to seek help without stigma.
  2. Building a Trusted Ecosystem: Being a trusted source of information, advice and support so people can all better understand how to maintain their mental health and take steps to recover from mental health conditions.
  3. Spearheading Suicide Prevention: We are working together to prevent suicide by playing a lead role in the national effort to prevent suicide through research, information, advice and support, and advocacy. 

We ensure community is at the heart of everything we do. Our success is dependent on our deep commitment to actively listen to, understand, partner with and respond to community experience and needs. By learning from and working with community, Beyond Blue can better reach and support people who need us, and adapt to the evolving mental health needs of people living in Indonesia.


— Our Vision

Dear Senja envisions evolving as the preeminent platform to comprehensive mental health resources, empowering individuals in Indonesia and across the globe to cultivate optimal well-being.


— Our Mission

We serve as a bridge, empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of mental health. We envisage where people have the knowledge, skills and confidence to maintain their mental health and have strategies on hand to respond. 


— Our Story

Fueled by a deep-seated desire to empower others towards a better & fulfilling life, Dear Senja emerged from the unwavering dedication of its founder, who envisioned a world where mental well-being is accessible and prioritized.

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